Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Sucks…Governor Mark Sanford

We live in the golden age of spectacular gubernatorial sex-scandal flame-outs.

It’s like a competition where each time a governor has a melt-down, it’s like he’s trying to outdo the last governor to have a melt-down. It’s like a high stakes game of poker where cheap, pervy sex are the chips…

“I see you’re ‘I’m gay and in love with the guy I put in charge of homeland security’ and raise you one ‘I’ll spend close to 400K on hookers.’”


“How’s about I leave the state for 5 days to go to Argentina, not tell my wife, not tell my staff, not tell my security where I’m going all to go boink a girl I know.”

“Wow. You wouldn’t even fly her in? Nice.”

Truly, these are salad days for pervy gov’s and their public falls from grace over needing to get laid- male or female. No wonder this guy was turning down the stimulus package, (say it with me) his package was being stimulated the whole time by some woman in South America!

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2 comments: said...

What about - "Sorry i'm a week late dear but i had some bad tapas and passed out from the shit cramps and woke up in a i sheep herder's hut in a remote village out in the Pampas."

Instead he does his mea culpa crybaby shit on TV?

What a fucking piece of GOP shit!

Anonymous said...

very poor taste to have a bird that was suffering from being coated in oil that leaked into the water. that is NOT funny.