Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Sucks…Carrie Prejean (Miss California)

Looks like Miss California got shit-canned yesterday by Donald Trump, so let me be the first to part with this little gem, ahem…

“Trump to Miss California: You’re fired!”

Wait, I’m NOT the first to say that. I’m the 1,364th?

Shit, I thought I thought of that all by myself. Nevertheless Carrie Prejean was fired yesterday by Donald Trump. Now, she claims she lost her gig because of her politics but I don’t know, for Donald Trump to come down against a model, she must have done something serious.

Either way, thus ends the suck-reign of Carrie Prejean a chick who’s month long stint in the suck spotlight contained but was not limited to the revelation that her breast implants paid for by the Miss America pageant, a statement in which she referred to gay marriage as “opposite marriage” and a claim that the topless photos she appeared in- which were in violation of her Miss America pageant contract- were topless because she didn’t know the tiny vest she was wearing had opened.

In between we learned that she dated Michael Phelps, appeared in an anti-gay marriage ad, was told to pose for Playboy and was asked to join the cast of the ironically named “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here”.

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Crystal said...

Carrie does suck, she should just be the slut she was born to be :-)

Mark Turmell said...

Carrie... your 15 minutes are up.

Seriously... what an idiot. Just saw her on Larry King saying that she thought that Sarah Palin was "an intelligent woman", well yeah, compared to you. To most women, this would be considered a major insult.