Monday, June 29, 2009

What Sucks Presents: Not Getting It: Iranian Clerics, Madoff Lawyers, The Oscars

…Iranian Clerics Demanding Protesters Should Be ‘Savagely Punished’

Dudes, this whole thing is about people in your country trying to peacefully show their dissatisfaction with your fixed election. Coming out publicly and saying that they should be “savagely and ruthlessly punished” for daring to question the election, is KINDA PROVING THEIR POINT!

…Bernie Madoff’s Lawyers Facing 125 Years, Asking for 12

Dudes, your guy is the poster child of greedy, lying douchebags. He ripped off billions of dollars from clients and charities. He admitted guilt and insisted he acted alone partially so he wouldn’t have to sell out anyone who may have been working with and partially to avoid telling the authorities exactly how he did it. He was even allowed to stay in his 5th Avenue Penthouse as he awaited trial, while most other people have to wait for their trial to start behind bars, AND bitched about it a lot. The whole idea of the public being outraged against this dude stems from them feeling he feels he’s being treated unfairly. To ask for 12 years when he’s facing 125 is balls.

…The Oscars Adding 5 Movie Best Film Nominees

Not getting it here on 2 levels – first, as everyone in America has already pointed out, The Oscars are long enough as they are, and secondly, do you really think you can dig up 5 more movies decent enough to be considered for Best Picture? This year alone you’ve already had 2- TWO- movies about mall cops and it’s only July. Let’s face it, you should be eliminating two slots here, not adding five- you gave a Best Picture Oscar to “Crash” recently for Christ sakes.

BLOG NOTE: Some of this stuff was from last week, but the Reaper went fucking crazy and I couldn’t get to it.

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