Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Sucks Flash Poll…Whose Body Has More Creases?

In one of it’s most intense Flash Polls ever, WhatSucksBlog asks readers, of the following people- Ethan Suplee, Delta Burke, Clint Eastwood or Meg Ryan- whose body do they think has the most creases?

Picture them in your mind- picture them naked if you have to and ask yourself who of this group of four, would have the most creases- the most areas of their bodies in which skin lays upon skin to form a line- on their bodies- then vote on them. (In the upper right hand corner.) Remember, one day everyone on this list, except for Clint Eastwood will google themselves, so the importance of this poll cannot be over-stated.

1 comment:

Mike Marsh said...

A little-known fact is that Delta Burke has, in fact, only one crease that runs continuously over her entire body. I sincerely apologize for any mental images that conjures up.