Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What Sucks…This Whole Miss California Thing

What the hell is wrong with this country? Some evangelical bimbo joins a beauty pageant to get free breast implants, then says something against gay-marriage and now we as a country have to make sure every young, pretty girl who takes a topless picture has to think twice before she does it because she could lose everything she has if she decides to run for “Miss INSERT-STATE-NAME”?

EVERYONE needs to chill - beautiful breasts being shown are at risk here- the stakes are high. Don’t drag me into your culture war!

Gay people need to understand that Miss USA has no governing power. Her opinion is completely and utterly without consequence. Why is this a story? Miss California comes out against gay marriage? Really, cause I wasn’t gonna make a judgment till I heard from Miss Arizona.

Evangelical beauty contestants need to recognize that if they’re gonna say that marriage should be between a man and woman only, and then flash her boobies in a somewhat non-Mary-Mother-Of-God way, people are gonna call you on it.

Producers of beauty pageants need to make sure their contestants are not asked any questions and should actively be discouraged from talking. Always. I thought we learned that through the whole “Miss North Carolina/ lack of maps” debacle.

The media needs to stop reporting on this as if it matters! Google news this morning showed that there have been almost 2400 articles written about this- 2400! There’s 2 wars going on and an economic collapse!

We shouldn’t have the future of topless photos have to be defended by Donald Trump! By the way, this chick didn’t even win the contest!

And holy shit look at the plastic surgery Bruce Jenner has been getting!

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Anonymous said...

I miss the main photo of the duck with oil on its head. That was the perfect depiction of suckiness.