Monday, May 18, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Maxim, The Lives of the Kids From Slumdog Millionaire, Arizona State


Maxim’s “Hottest Women in the World” list has Michelle Obama at number 93! Have some respect, she’s the first lady, not the “93rd Skank”. What is this, “Change You Can Touch Yourself To”?

…Maxim V.2

Jennifer Love Hewitt at # 10?! What, are we all in Lost and have been transported back to 1999? Who’s voting for her, ghosts? (She’s the ghost whisperer, Ben From Unleashed.)

…The Lives Of the Kids From Slumdog Millionaire

Was Slumdog Millionaire a documentary? Did I miss that whole thing? Was THAT why it won so many awards? Because it was a stark, gripping documentary? Because I thought the kids in that movies were playing CHARACTERS, and that they were kind of acting, not you know, having horrible shit happen to them, you know, like for reals.

…Arizona State University

Refusing to give Obama an honorary degree because you claim he hasn’t done enough to merit one? Seriously, ARIZONA STATE? You’re sure you can’t give one to him, not even from your renowned ‘School For Enormous, Pumpkin Sized Balls Studies?’ The University of Phoenix wouldn’t fuck this up as much as you did, I can’t believe this isn’t more of an outrage, oh wait...oh right. I get it. What the fuck is he gonna do with an honorary degree from Arizona State? Right. My bad.

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