Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Chris Brown, Real Housewives of NJ and DC, Jon & Kate Plus 8, North Korea

…Chris Brown Saying “I Am Not A Monster”

Dude, you beat Rihanna till it looked like she had horns and besides, the people who say “I am not a monster”…

…are usually monsters!

…Real Housewives if NJ

Real Housewives of DC is coming now too? I think after Atlanta, Orange County, New York, New Jersey this speaks to not only the incredible popularity of this show, but also to the fact that as a country, we have a shit-ton of aging bitches.

…John And Kate Plus 8

I know the ratings are up, but this is not looking good at all- this continues on the track its on, they’re gonna have to change the name of the show to Kate Plus 8, Jon Plus 8 On Alternating Wednesdays and Weekends!

…North Korea

Brazenly testing nuclear weapons and missiles, China is getting pissed at you and they don’t mess around, if I were Kim Jong Il, I’d be nervous- have someone tasting my dog before I bit into it every night!

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