Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What Sucks…American Idol: Kara Diogaurdi

Wow. Easy to get in your head much? Jeez. Last night, if you missed American Idol, and IF you missed American Idol incidentally- way to go. Way to take charge of your life and not waste your time.* Sigh.

Kara once again bit someone’s head off when they questioned her. This time, it was Simon who told her she let Kris down by the song she suggested he do. Kara in turn flipped out “You’re gonna tell me about interpreting songs? Have YOU ever interpreted a song in your life? {Noise Made By A Crow} {Noise Made By A Crow}”.

To paraphrase what an albino once told me, newborn baby’s heads have tougher skin. This marks at least the 2nd time Kara flipped on someone. The first being the time she bit the head off the Bikini Girl when she dared question her “musical talent” by dressing in a bikini and getting more attention than her.

I don’t get Kara on the show- is she there to make us appreciate Paula more? Because it’s working. Okay, I learned my lesson. Paula can drink whatever she wants. Get rid of this human Randy Jackson ditto mark.

Prediction for tonight- Gokey goes down…on Kris Allen! Adam Lambert watches! WHOO!

* denotes: does not apply to those who “missed American Idol” to watch “The Mentalist”.

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Maryam said...

Kara is a looser. She is a fake person . I actually start to like Paula abdul who was a drug addict. Kara is a whore who wants attention from Simon. She does not have any knowledge to sit right next to Simon. I hate her and I know I am not the only one who feels that way. Americam Idol should kick her ass out of there.!!! She just sucks!!!