Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What Sucks…The Yankees

Big announcement yesterday in Yankee-land, the Bombers cut some ticket prices from $2500 to $1250. So, you know, ah…problem solved for everyone.

You know, call me a front-runner and all, but I’m beginning to think the new Yankee Stadium sucks. The best thing about the old Yankee Stadium was that, where you were sitting for the most part, you could yell that Kevin Youkilis was the type of individual who would climb over his brother to “fuck” his mother, and not only would the people sitting around you nod in agreement, you had a relatively decent shot of him hearing you.

What I mean is, you and fans like you were close to the field and close to the action. The way it is set up now is, if you get anywhere near the field level, you are either going to be followed around by a security guard like he’s Korean and you’re a black dude in a deli circa 1994, or you’re sitting godfather to the son of a Prince from the Saudi Royal family.

I went to the Stadium for opening day and when I looked down to the field level, seats along the first and third base line, did I see die-hard Yankee fans cursing out the Indians? No. I saw empty Yankee seats and the people I did see there were asking each other if they had Grey Poupon. I mean these people make more money than Mark Teixeira. And I'm not just worried about the pricing out of the average fan, I heard the other day the Yankees had to start Melky Cabrera because Bret Gardner couldn't afford to get into the stadium.

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