Monday, April 13, 2009

What Sucks…The Reaper

Is the reaper on a scavenger hunt today? WTF?

…I need a legendary baseball announcer, an icon of porn and a guy, nicknamed after the venerable Big Bird who used to talk to the ball before he threw it….

Apparently on a whirlwind tour of baseball, the reaper today also took from us the 1976 Rookie of the year, Mark “The Bird” Fidrych. The Bird burst onto the scene in ’76 and was the walking embodiment of 70’s baseball. He started the 1976 All Star game, won 19 games that year and then the next season, after a knee injury forced him to alter his pitching motion, blew out his shoulder.

He struggled for a few years to get back into the big leagues and although he made it back briefly in the early 80’s he wasn’t the pitcher he had been, so...all he did was go back to his home town, work his farm, drive a commercial truck for a living and raise his family. His wife’s family owned a diner and every Saturday he’d be there, waiting tables laughing it up with the customers.

We could probably use more baseball players like this guy and less, how do I put it, douchebags who kiss themselves in mirrors but this post is about honoring the Bird and not pooping on A-rod so...

Good night, Bird. F you, reaper.

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