Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Michelle Obama, Ohio, Utah, Barack Obama

…Michelle Obama

Enough with the love-fest. world. You're going on and on about her like a teenage girl. She’s married! Yeah, I get that the last two First Ladies were either animatronic robots with lifeless eyes, or serial erection killers in pant suits. Yeah, she wears J. Crew, but keep it in your pants, you’re coming off way un-cool and desperation is an awful cologne.


Interesting tidbit about Ohio in case you’re on the fence as to whether or not it sucks- the best it gets city-wise there? Cleveland. The best it gets.


They don’t even HAVE a Cleveland.


Hiring Kumar? Really? You know you can’t just make ANY change, right? You checking to see if we’re paying attention? How bad is the “White House Office of Public Liaison” that the President thinks it will benefit from the hiring of a dude who’s best known for “F-ing” a giant bag of pot on film.


Anonymous said...

And what sucks even more is that he left "House" to go to the "White" house. Damn you, Kutner.

Anonymous said...

Utah does have a Cleveland. However, it is so small and remote that it is probably what makes Utah suck even more.