Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Low Flying Plane Photo-Ops, Mexico, Susan Boyle, The Presidency

…Flying a Plane Low Over Ground Zero For A Photo-Op

I guess this makes sense for a photo-op, if you’re designing a pamphlet for Al Qaeda. Oh wait, it was sent by our own government? Really? The Director of the White House Military Office? Before I get mad, is he 8 years old? Do we normally have young children in that position? I ask because I wonder- was he born in 2002? No? Great, what an a-hole. Oh, it was Air Force 1? Great, that made everyone feel better- terrorists have taken over AIR FORCE 1, and are headed to New York. Awesome.


Brutal kidnappings, shoot-outs in broad daylight, the people who vacation in Cancun and now Swine-flu? It’s shocking that there are still 90 million people still living there.

…Susan Boyle

Enough about her make-over already! Drab to fab? Let me let you in on a little secret-she’s still drab!

…The Job of the Presidency

I’ve had shitty jobs, but I can’t remember the last time in my first 100 days on a gig had me dealing with an economic meltdown, Pakistan being ceded to religious wackos, the environment circling the drain, pirates (!) and swine-flu. Plus this dude has to take long plane rides with Joe Biden!

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