Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Kim Kardashian, American Idol, Slumdog Dad, Prince Fielder

…Kim Kardashian

You know, I’m constantly being updated on “the latest” from this girl and it’s never for anything exceptional. She has a reality show- it sucks. A sex tape- it sucks. Now, she apparently fell asleep while trying to get a suntan. Great, thanks for the news update. She sucks at trying to get a tan- got it. Let me know if she accidentally poops herself- I’ll be waiting!

…American Idol

Three Bryan Adams songs heading into disco night? Nice work, douches. Idol normally blows, but this year it seems they are blowing with a vengeance. Each show goes over time wise, Simon is only allowed to make every OTHER contestant feel bad because the show needs to have Ryan Seacrest walk down 200 stairs before it begins and does anyone like Kara? Sam Alito does more for me as a judge.

…The Dad Of The Little Girl From Slum-dog Millionaire

First India passes us in math and science, and now it’s passing us in shitty ways to treat child stars! Damn, India is tough- say what you will for the US but we never tried to sell any of the Coreys!

…Prince Fielder

Two big numbers for this guy this year: 61, as in how many homers he may hit, and what his pants size will be. If this guy has as many RBI's as he does triglycerides the Brew Crew will win it all!

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