Monday, April 20, 2009

What Sucks…NY Tabloid Headline Writers

The Yankees get beat 22-4 Saturday, and the guy who pitched is a dude who is 0-3 with a 34 ERA (that’s not good, female readers of the blog) AND his name is Wang (pronounced WONG), and the best Post and Daily News headline writers can do is the above and below?

How bad is the weekend headline writing team? Where’s the “Yankees’ Wang Not Functioning Properly” headline?

Or “Something Wrong With Yankee’s Wang”?

Or “Yanks: Doctors To Examine Wang”?

Or even “Wang To Be ‘Yanked’ Out Of Rotation”?

Or even, even “Indians Pounce on Yank’s Wang”!

What a let down- “You Stink!”? That’s what we get? What is this, boringville? Does this city now sleep? YOU stink, weekend headline writers. Clearly the Yankee’s Wang is a Cause for Concern, but would I know it from reading your newspapers? No. No wonder newspapers are failing! Where do people go if they want to reflect on the Yanks’ Wang’s Troubling Performance? Or the fact that Cleveland Beats Wang All Day At Stadium?

Get it together, New York headline writers – before the Yanks Breathe Sigh Of Relief As Wang Looks Good.

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