Friday, April 17, 2009

What Sucks...Mocap, LLC Our New Promo!

Mocap, LLC is coming to Spike on April 23rd, At MIDNIGHT.

Watch it, Tivo it, DVR it- do something I can't go back to my job as a fluffer on the set of According to Jim (Jim Belushi demands there be one!)

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Program us into your DVR!

Be able to say one day "Mocap? I remember when that guy just had a shitty blog!"

1 comment:

digibandit said...

i just want to be able to say 'Hey that Dude fucked my wife!"

Next year 'The Mocap Awards Show" starring Dude DeLuca and his new wife Mocapaliscious.

Dude -that chic is awesome -wer'e all tuning in to see her bodacious tata's.