Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What Sucks…Mocap, LLC: How It All Started!

So the pound for pound, dollar for dollar funniest show in the world, Mocap, LLC is coming out on Spike Thursday Night, April 23rd at Midnight. It was written and created by me. Here’s how all the madness started – for the first time ever- WHAT SUCKS EXCLUSIVE! JPEGS of the pages of the pilot episode of our web-series!

Seriously, if you’re bored, take a read- like if you’re on the crapper and for some reason have brought a laptop in with you read away!

As always, click the image to enlarge!

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As we get closer to the date that the show goes up I will be posting more and more stuff about it, so sorry in advance but at the same time- JEEZUS PLEASE WATCH AND THEN TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO WATCH!!

Here's the episode-

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