Monday, April 20, 2009

What Sucks…Florida International University (re: Isiah Thomas)

BLOG NOTE: Sorry, have to catch up on a few things from last week- hey give me a break, I'm promoting a damned sitcom! (MOCAP, LLC DEBUTS ON SPIKE THURSDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!) That being said...

Hiring Isiah Thomas
? Are you shitting me? Are you out of your fucking minds? What is this, one of those “The Producers” things, where you can make more by producing a bomb than by producing something good? Is Nathan Lane the AD of Florida International? How the fuck do you hire Isiah Thomas to do anything- this sounds like there’s some serious Brewster’s Millions shit going on here.

Who is he replacing, OJ? How bad does THAT guy (the previous coach) feel? Is he like “Well, only if I fucked up more.” Is he sitting with his head in his hands saying “Well, I could have sexually harassed more…”

Really, how bad was the last coach, that apparently someone could say, “I hear Isiah is available.” I do not get this.

Also, does Florida International have access to newspapers? Google? Do the people who work there, like, know anyone? There was no one they could have run this idea by- a wife, an old college buddy, a barber- that could have told them, you know, you’re making a horrible mistake?

Who the fuck goes to Florida International University? What their big major there, fucking up basketball teams?

The Times reported that the faculty of Florida International was angered by the hiring of Isiah. Yeah, I guess their basketball fans.

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