Friday, April 10, 2009

What Sucks…El Vacio: Stacy’s Sexy Shower Cam

El Vacio: Stacey's Sexy Shower Cam

BLOG NOTE: The following may be the most disturbing video you ever see on the net. This should be a warning to all those who use the internet to see “nakedness” and not what it was invented for, encyclopedic research and to post pictures of cats.

The following is a transcript of the short lived triple x web site, Stacy’s Sexy Shower Cam between proprietors Scott Randolph and Robert Hermes.

April 10th, 2009
8:00 AM. Morning.

Scott: Welcome everyone to Stacy’s Sexy Shower Cam and a big thank you to for agreeing to put this on their site- OMG! I can’t imagine the insane amount of hits we’re gonna get because of this!

Robert: Yeah. Look man- I am not sure this is a good idea at all, this thing hasn’t been tested enough we don’t even know if Stacy keeps a steady schedule and God forbid something goes wrong here in front of all these people…

Scott: Stop being such a naysayer! Stacy is hot and we’re gonna be getting like a thousand people to sign up for this service- I’m telling you! It’s the morning, she’ll be stepping into the shower any minute now..

Robert: I don’t know, man…

Scott: The door is opening…here she comes! I think we really got it this time! I can’t wait to see some skin, woooo!

Robert: That’s a guy- kill the transmission! It’s a guy! Kill it! Her brother stayed over! Oh god!

Scott: Okay, having a problem killing the transmission…sorry everyone…won’t be too much longer.


Scott: Looks like he’s done shitting.

Robert: This is a disaster.

April 10th, 2009
9:06 AM. Morning.

Scott: Annnndddddd…he’s gone. Okay, I guess we just wait. Stacy’s probably gonna be getting ready for her day…the door is opening..

Robert: It’s a guy- AGAIN! Same guy! Yeah, I think he’s sick. Did you even install this camera in the right apartment?

Scott: Of course I did!

Robert: Oh this is terrible!


Scott: If you’re just joining us this is Stacy’s brother or something and I think he’s sick or something really bad. He’s, ah, going to the bathroom. Again.

Robert: We’re never gonna get anyone to sign up for this website. We’re gonna fail at porn.

April 10th, 2009
10:36 AM. Morning.

Robert: Door’s opening. Shit.

Scott: Ah…whoa! Finally- there’s Stacy and she is HOT! Whoa, ah, yeah…she’s opening the cabinet! Reaching for some body lotion! Yes! She’s taking off her sweater! Oh boy, here comes the undershirt! Wow, what luscious skin, what a gorgeous body, what a…

Robert: This is sad. I mean maybe we can re-market this thing to guys who like to watch heavy-set guys destroy a bathroom or something. I don’t even know if a Stacy lives here. This is terrible.

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