Monday, April 06, 2009

What Sucks Presents: Nip Slips We Don’t Want To See V.2

Once again, whoever is in the range of my voice please do what you can to make sure the following women wear bras, do not wear low-cut, lose fitting tops and are very careful when they bend over.

…Madeleine Albright

I’m not the only one who dreads a nip-slip from this one- I heard Kim Jong Il was ready to disarm completely but Madam Secretary here wouldn’t agree to a lifetime of “double turtlenecks”!

…S. Epatha Merkerson

Great actress of stage and screen and a NYC resident to boot, but let’s face it one misplaced bra and anyone who witnessed it would be automatically qualified to be the “S” and the “V” in the “SVU”.

…Tyne Daly

Maybe 20 years ago this might have been hot. I'M KIDDING! No nip-slips for Lacey! As a matter of fact I'll start a letter writing campaign to make sure of it! (That should quench your thirst for jokes referencing the letter writing campaign that saved Cagney and Lacey from cancellation back the 80's, if it doesn't then you have a serious thirst for that shit!)

Don’t consider a nip-slip from any of these women a threat? Then you forget what happened when Lansbury had a few too many drinks at the last Kennedy Center Honors!

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Kris Ardent said...

This is the lamest post I've ever seen you do. Unsubscribing today. Old ladies are not sexy! HAHAHAHA. Ugh.