Monday, April 20, 2009

Watch Mocap, LLC!

For the love of all things holy- please DVR or watch the hilarious new sitcom, Mocap, LLC on Spike Thursday Night, April 23rd At Midnight! And every Thursday after that by the way for all 6 episodes!

The first ever TV sitcom to take place in the world of video games! (I think.)

Anyway, watch it! What do I ask you folk to do other than click on stuff and watch things from time to time! (Don't answer that!)


Anonymous said...

This show is a pile of shit.
Unfunny, low budget shit.

Chris DeLuca said...

Hey anonymous, eat an ass.

Anonymous said...

horrible unfunny show with ugly actors.

Chris DeLuca said...

Eat balls and ass.

Tomas Harris said...

Woah.. that other anonymous guy wasn't me.. just the first.
The thing is, i searched for "mocap llc is shit" and your page was the number one hit on google.

Posted before I realised that you're the "brain" behind this show. So maybe my feedback should have been a little bit more constructive than just the pile of shit part.

So, episode 1. The mocumentary style could have worked if it wasn't for the fact that all the flashbacks/forwards doesn't even let the story leave the ground. And if the story was better written I wouldn't mind the ultra-low-budget mocap studio set even though it doesn't make any sense how you "capture stuff". For people that don't know anything about mocap it's just confusing and for people who know mocap it's just WTF? a green screen without any motion capturing equip except for the "suit"?

on the plus side the intro is ok I guess..

deluca said...

Aw- they told us no one would be looking for a 'story' well written or not on Spike at midnight.

Hot girl, tasteless physical humor, sick joke/ insult, repeat.

And a google of "mocap, llc is shit"...,+llc+is+shit&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

gets you a lot of mocap is THE shit, and "look at this show- HOLY shit", and "I'm in this show and shit"- but nothing quite like "mocap, llc IS shit" as in it sucks like I don't know you seem to be implying.

Also, why are you honing in on the budget being low? Are you an art designer or something- we could have used you back when we started. We went web to TV, this show was given an insanely small amount of money- if anything this was the history's funniest show for the buck ever.

Finally, there are a zillion places to poop on the show, why are you doing it on my blog?

Get on board for the big win, dude. No haters here.

Tomas Harris said...

Well I guess I shouldn't have had good expectations.

I understand your point of view and well, I guess I'm wrong on some points. This show just ain't for me.

And if you ever get to make something with a budget and story, maybe I'll enjoy it then. Who knows..