Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Sucks…USA Today/ CNN.Com: Perv Watch V.23!

Nice job, pervs at USA Today and CNN.Com, no way these headlines could have been written with the words “debris” or “garbage” or even “flotsam and jetsam”. No, you had to use the word “junk”.

I hope you’re enjoying all the giggling you must be doing around the water coolers in your respective offices. I bet NASA got a good chuckle out of that one. Well, sorry to rain on your parade but, you’re pervs and you’ve been busted by What Sucks Perv Watch!


lijuan said...

top edhardy sweater

Roffe not from little africa said...

Little Africa falling heavy.

Cant help it, I do have to say, it´s a shit country, not at all the free, great and ...whatever they try to show all.
Maybe it was, but thats long gone, leaving a grey, dirty junkyard behind, like africa and by now mostly niggers (stop lying, thats what they allways have been) And a chines are yellow and we are white, and they can call me that if they like, I am what I am and all the are what they are, live with it.
And the people, not many brains there, just a few lucky ones and they actually manage to get the people to belive socialism and kommunist are somthing bad, and it is, for all with plenty of mony, not for the rest 98% and become criminal just to survive.
Its actually you and your state that made them, and every one of you would do the same in if you end up there.
You have to eat, but they dont give you work and you cant hunt or fish and build your own house, they have make sure you have to work for them to get food, house and so on, so where are your freedom.
You have to take from others what you need, they wont give you anything and forbid you to do anything else, where are your great country?
They holding on to a system that can only work if 2/3 of the people dont have anything, and then they say they care, they dont, just themself and mony, and the stupid people listen to them ,why, just becouse they have mony and power?
They say anything to you as long as everything stays desame.
They, you, have to give the poor man what he needs or pay the price when he take your mony and put a bullit in your head, its just another way to give him what he needs, and you made him that way, so keep smiling and be proud of your country, couse its a great country, a free country.
So live with it, but dont come crying when you end up there yourself or when someone trying to kill you.
And you/they say they care.
And its falling and nothing can stop it, maybe its time to start a new war somwhere, its god for the buissnis.