Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Sucks…The Ironically Named “Dancing With The Stars”

NOTE: Understand I do not watch this show and have never sat through a single episode. I couldn’t tell you the names of the judges or the hosts other than Tom Bergeron, who’s career I happen to follow very closely. I only occasionally catch glimpses of this show because where I live in Hoboken (the Prague of New Jersey) I must pass with my remote, Channel 7 (ABC) on my way to channel 13 (PBS) and every so often I see someone in a sequined unitard and it’s not the Spanish channel, so I look at it for a brief second on my way up to an episode of Antiques Roadshow- which is so dryly hilarious you proletariat slags don’t know what you’re missing.


Last night Hall & Oates played while Steve Wozniak, Denise Richards and Holly Madison danced. Not to sound like a broken record but NONE OF THOSE PEOPLE ARE STARS!*

Lookit, I’ve made this point before- a few times- this show’s title is a misnomer. Plain and simple- what if aliens happen to catch the signal of this show being broadcast (you know before everything was digital) and watch one night? We’re calling Gilles Marini a star for Christ sakes!

We can do better!

*Not to sound like a broken record V.2: once again hats off to the talent booker on DWTS who books the ex-sports stars and more specifically the NFL players, clearly he or she is the only one who takes the “Stars” part of the title seriously. I mean holy shit, with the names that person gets, Jerry Rice, Emmit Smith, Warren Sapp, LT, they should film that show in fucking Canton! (That’s where the NFL Hall of Fame is.)


Bearman said...

You know what else sucks is that for all his success, people still spell John Oate's name "Oats" ha ha j/k

deluca said...

good catch. I was too busy thinking about the stache he used to have.

James Walsh said...

Hi Chris,

I wanted to share something that sucks with you: this job posting for a Bookkeeper/Graphic Design/Webmaster

I wrote them a nice note if you want to see it!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

If only they could get Oprah Winfrey and Rosie O'Donnell paired to dance to The Village People disco hit, "YMCA".... And, "Dr." Phil paired with Dr. Oz to dance to "Disco Duck." A befitting tune for a couple of quacks!