Monday, March 30, 2009

What Sucks…Major Blog Announcement: I Have A Sitcom!

Hello faithful readers (about 9 to 12 of you), and people who stop by because they have googled the term “fluffer” (other 554 page views), as my blog is like the 2nd or 3rd thing that comes up- (pervs!). Big announcement time! Ready? Here goes-

I have a sitcom!

No shit. I’m totally serious and very psyched. Crazy, huh? Here’s the story- short version-

Long time blog readers (my brothers, the people I owe money to) will remember that a short time ago, I created, wrote and starred in a webseries called “Mocap, LLC”, which was a fake-documentary that followed the day to day goings on at a low-rent motion capture company.

Well, the series was (I’m happy to say) greeted very warmly and had some nice things said about it- (LA Times called it “one of their favorite webseries.”) and in the beginning of the year, the idea was sold to Spike.

Filming began at the end of last summer and now, on April 23rd, at Midnight- the dream will be realized and Mocap, LLC in all its glory, will hit the air.

The show is everything you could want in a TV show- I am proud to say it is tasteless, asinine, obnoxious and FREAKING FUNNY. Please watch- and please embed our promo (above) into your blogs and tell your friends to embed it into theirs as well.

I will be offering updates and clips and inside info here all the frigging time- but I obviously need the word to be spread. The show is the first sitcom set in the world of video games, but more than that- it’s a flat out comedy show that I know you’ll dig.

In a nutshell, the show is The Office, meets Tron. If you like funny TV shows, you’ll love this thing because we’ve stolen the best stuff from all your favorite TV shows and threw it into this one.

It stars me, as Frank Claxton- a horrible human being in every way. Also starring is the gifted Jonathan Gabrus (you’ll remember him from Brohemian Rhapsody and about a zillion other things on College Humor, very funny up and coming NY comic Kara Klenk and the super hot Lauren Turek as “the hot intern”.

It’s my pleasure to announce this to all you guys and I hope you’ll watch, TIVO, DVR, start a letter writing campaign to stop it from being canceled (preemptively!) and help me do whatever it takes to have this show make me a “non-disgrace” in the eyes of my parents!


swandad said...

That's awesome bro! Will certainly look out for it and will post it on my blog!

Darkly said...

High five

$$$$ said...

Any way of watching this outside the states?

deluca said...

it will be online as well- will keep you updated.

thanks darkly and swan for the comments by the way.