Friday, March 06, 2009

What Sucks...El Vacio: Weird German Hidden Camera Show

El Vacio: Crazy Stuff Happens at Bus Stops
People do Crazy Stuff at Bustops all over this great country. I myself have killed a man (Detroit), had a pig roast (Jackson, MI) and have witnessed an exorcism (Belfast, Oyster Bay, LI and Toledo). But in Germany, well, I guess their culture is just…different.

Editor's Note: Yes, it IS possible to sell a video in which a guy puts a sandwich on his ass at a bus stop and another guy pokes a fake dick through a "Hang In There" kitty poster.


$$$$ said...

This is hands down the best el Vacio video yet. The others had a funny idea/concept but faltered, this time you nailed both theory and execution. More el Vacio!

Feonacy Tyson said...

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