Monday, March 02, 2009

What Sucks...El Vacio: Funny Web Series

Film to me is a medium for expression. Like the greats before me, Les Mayfield, John R. Cherry, Ted Kotcheff…McG- film is the canvas upon which I paint. Don’t look for meaning in picture, look for it in your heart. Weeping Willow In The City, IS my heart.

I think you’ll agree that after watching the movie trailer above, we’re the new Zach Braff. But we'd spell Zach with a "K", like "Zack" the way it was meant to be.

Editor’s Note: “Weeping Willow In the City” is still looking for a distributor.

Click on this video a lot, Viacom is trying to monetize the internet, let's give them a hand!

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Anonymous said...

weird show- but weird is good. Even when you're seeing ass cracks.