Monday, March 23, 2009

What Sucks...Doctors!

Maggots!? Fucking Maggots? Read this! And this! Of all the words in the English language, “Maggots” should be the one to never precede the word “therapy”! Matter of fact, here is a brief list of words that never should precede the word “therapy” and you’ll see where “maggots” comes in.

1. Rape (male on male)
2. Anal Torture
3. Rape (male on female)
4. Puppy Killing
5. Incest
6. Dance
7. Maggots
8. Listening to Harry Reid Speak
9. Head Cheese
10. Jizz

Seriously, is not having a foot that much better?

Maggot therapy, if you didn’t click on the above links, is when, in order to combat an ulcer of some sort, doctors will put MAGGOTS into your wound so that they consume all the dead, infected flesh surrounding your lesion. Maggots in an open sore- as supervised by _____.

(Finish the sentence)

a) the producers of the upcoming Hostel 4
b) Haitian doctors
c) doctors

(the fucking answer is “C” by the way. Haitian doctors like to go with earwigs.)

By the way, the above article is about a woman who had this procedure in order to save her foot from amputation. Hey doctors, how bout you come up with a way to save our feet WITHOUT putting maggots into them. And by the way lady, they’re about to put maggots into your feet- how into feet are you, perv?!!

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