Monday, March 02, 2009

What Sucks…Jobs That Suck: Being The Closed Caption Person For Rock Of Love Bus

When you took the job you thought might entail helping deaf people, I’m guessing this is not what you imagined. Should go to show you - no good deed goes unpunished and if you want to save someone, save yourself. Closed captioning is the act of typing out what is being said on screen so that those watching the show without benefit of sound, can follow along. For shows like “Rock of Love Bus” and other VH1 stuff, it means typing and re-typing the phrase “skanky bitch”.

Can’t there just be a general decision made that deaf people who watch this show are not doing it so they can read the statements like…

“Someone else should wear this purple shirt, because it doesn’t fit my big boobs.”

“Our next event is ‘Stripper Pole Gymnastics’.”

I mean, someone watching the show without benefit of sound would probably be able to figure this one out using context.

It goes for anything said on this show. Including non-verbal.
>rolls eyes, brushes imaginary dirt off shoulder.

I think if you asked them, deaf people around the world would be okay with not reading these things- seriously, they’d be like – “that’s okay. Really. Go on and do McNeil Newshour…why don’t you put TWO people on Lost, it's all right- I’ll read lips for Rock Of Love Bus- the lips on their MOUTH.”


Canadian Lemming said...

This actually is my job.

Not for Rock of Love Bus... yet... but I've captioned other, equally culturally significant programming, such as MTV's Date My Mom and Boiling Point.


At least sometimes I get to work on Torchwood.

deluca said...

Date my mom? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

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