Thursday, March 05, 2009

What Sucks Salutes Women With Bad Taste In Men


You’d stop Kimbo Slice from getting back together with that dude who kicked his ass last October, wouldn’t you? Why are you letting THESE two get back together?

…The Cast of Rock Of Love Bus!

Girls, you’re competing for Bret Michaels!

…Debbie Rowe/ Lisa Marie Presley

Remember that freak show, pedophile, pop star dude who owned his own petting zoo and hung his baby over the rail of a hotel balcony? These chicks married him!

…The Girl In The Mini-Me Sex Tape

Sex tapes should be something that are arouse, NOT arouse vomit. The only thing smaller than Mini-Me’s privates in this video is the self esteem of the chick he’s knocking small ugies with. (And that’s one to grow on.)


Anonymous said...

Screw you. MJ was not a pedo and I would marry him too, but I would never do you.

deluca said...

You so would do me!

Anonymous said...

No MJ wasn't a pedo. All men bring strangers' children to their beds!