Friday, February 13, 2009

What Sucks…Congrats “Having Sex With An Old Woman”!

WhatSuckBlog readers have spoken in record What Sucks Flash Poll numbers (61) and have said that “Having Sex With An Older Woman” is A-Rod’s biggest disgrace, beating “Frosting His Hair” and “Sucking In The Post Season” by a close margin with “Taking Steroids” getting only 2 votes. Apparently if some a-hole wants to pump drugs in his system in order to beat the records of a man who endured tremendous adversity due to racism you don't care- but if he wants to "F" grandma- screw him! Whatever, no one's judging except me and everyone else.

So anyway, congrats to “Having Sex With An Old Woman”, and congrats to all those who voted and as a special shout out to those who left comments on the last blog post, I am NOT Justin Long.


Randy said...

Well, it's baseball. The age of relevance for baseball ended like a decade after WW2. No one cares that he took steroids. Sucking in the postseason only matters because it proves he's still shitty even on the juice.

The rest of this stuff? We're just pissed because he gets shoved in our faces more for sleeping with Madonna. And he has frosted hair in all the pictures.

squad546 said...

Should've mentioned using the name "A-Rod" made him sound like a gay porn star from the 1970s!