Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Sucks…CNN Quick Vote Grabbing At Shit Today

Hurry up everyone, hurry on over to the most trusted name in news, CNN (Clinton News Network) and scroll down on their home page to vote on whether or not elevator rides without Muzak would be better or worse for your elevator riding experience.

Because its important to use space on your home page to talk about Muzak, you know cause there’s not a major stimulus bill to discuss with your readers- and there’s no need to talk about whether or not its important to have some kind of accountability from the banks for the billions of dollars we’ve already poured into them- please, how do we feel about instrumental versions of “Angel In The Morning” (they suck, maybe 5 people in America would disagree) being taken away from us- THAT’S what’s on the minds of Americans.

Related article- Muzak filed for bankruptcy.

By the way, even in this shitty economy, good riddance, what those people did to the songs of Hall & Oats, they should be imprisoned for.

By the way, hey CNN- stop ripping off my dumb poll ideas!

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