Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What Sucks…A Funny Web Video: Night Rascal!

Hey, my idea of throwing funny videos that were done by friends of mine in 2009 marches on! If you're bored at work, or waiting to meet your mistress in some hotel lobby and she's running late, check out this baby done by my friend Chris Regan who works over at the Spike Feresten Show (Talk Show With Spike Feresten) on Fox. . Remember to vote "funny" on it, and then, by the time its over, hopefully your mistress will have arrived and you can go enjoy your illicit affair! It’s a win-win!

Added bonus, once again it’s a video that mocks the elderly!


menschenjaeger said...

What really sucks are all the plugs. Ease up a bit?

$$$$ said...

More mocking the elderly!!!

Anonymous said...

I like when the old lady points to her vag mockingly.