Thursday, January 22, 2009

What Sucks…The Premiere Of Lost, The Hand Cutting Off Guys

I wish I could go back in time to when it was easier to follow this show. Then I wish I could go into the future to where I understand everything they were trying to set up last night.

By the way, writers of Lost, have some frigging respect for the Space Time Continuum. I mean if Marty McFly even HINTED to Doc Brown anything about the Flux Capacitor, he’d get all worked up and give Michael J. Fox a 20 minute lecture on how not to disturb it. You guys are fucking with it constantly.

I suppose there was a reason why Locke (SPOILER ALERT) had to be shot by Ethan? I mean, why him? Did he need a few more minutes of screen time to get his SAG card? How bout (SPOILER ALERT) the band of 3 “hand cutting off commandos” that show up, threaten to cut off Julia’s 2nd hand (the first one was an automatic to them) and are then (SPOILER ALERT) killed 15 seconds later by Locke?

By the way, those guys made a serious run at being the biggest dicks to ever appear on Lost. First off, their leader looked like that nerd guy Neil who was (SPOILER ALERT) killed by a “flaming arrow” (MORRISSEY'S FIRST BAND), secondly, they tell Sawyer if he doesn’t talk, they’ll cut off Julia’s OTHER hand, basically saying that they’re cutting off her first hand because they’re just dicks. Then, they get their asses kicked by one single, solitary dude (Locke) who has a bad leg- and who was paralyzed not to long ago, who’s also old and is probably missing a kidney.

LOST (SPOILER ALERT) sucks, and is on 9 PM Wednesday nights!


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who was that Neil guy?