Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What Sucks…Me! (BLOG NOTE)


Wow, what a douchebag I am to ignore this blog for the first 15 days of the year, I am sorry to all those who have stopped by to see What Sucks and to find only things that sucked from the end of last year. My bad.

Believe it or not I really was trying to get up and going again before Jan 14th, but all sorts of work crap has been popping up lately as it has been for the past two months, I know, I know you don’t come to this blog to hear me make excuses, you come here to see pictures of chubby women in high heels stepping on balloons, wait a second, that’s my OTHER blog.

BLOG NOTE, NOTE: Seriously, I don't get that kind of porn- and I “get” a lot of porn. Back to the “Blog Note”.

BLOG NOTE: So, anyway, sorry for the delay in the posting, I was gonna post date this sonnavabitch so history will show I got it out the first week of the year and all that crap but you know what, I’m gonna try honesty for a change, also, no one will care.

But on the bright side I’m back on the Suck-Watch and will not let you down. I’m gonna throw all sorts of crap up here too: things that sucks, videos done by friends of mine, recipes that suck- here’s one now, anything in the style of tradition English food- seriously, blood pudding? Oh there’s so much to be excited about!

Anyway, enjoy, or, dis-enjoy, to coin a phrase, the upcoming year and the following post.

Picture Note: I’ve been told I look like a young Alan Alda.


Jennie said...

that's alan alda x__x' .. want to see the real u.. post a pic.. plz (:

Anonymous said...

So true Chris my do look a little like him.