Friday, January 23, 2009

What Sucks…Grey’s Anatomy

Look, as I have told you all before, I’d rather watch Arli$$ while someone punched me in the privates with a Fredrick Kreuger glove on, than watch this show every week, but I happen to live with someone who if I left, would cost me half my shit (ahem, and break my heart), and I don’t have a lot of shit, so Thursdays at 9 my ass is watching ABC.


…it blew even more than usual. This show by the way is falling into what I can only call a “Suck-Nova”. A sucking so powerful it threatens to destroy everything around it.

Here’s a quick recap in case you’re doing the right thing and not watching:

RECAP #1: The Izzy Fucking a Ghost situation:

Izzy continues to fuck a ghost, but now there’s “trouble in paradise”- other than he’s dead- as she feels he’s beginning to crowd her a little. He, the ghost, tells her he’s “there for her” and that she may want to look into the fact that she is seeing him, you know, through the eyes of a “scientist”, she figures it out that she’s not well and then gets mad at the ghost, and slaps him in the face calling him “selfish”. The ghost apparently, proving you CAN take it with you, if what you want to take with you is low self-esteem, agrees with her that he’s selfish and wonders aloud if he’s in hell. Yeah, you are buddy- it’s called watching this show.

Nice job Izzy, by the way- you’re a doctor and you’re fucking a ghost for like 6 weeks and only NOW you begin to consider that you may not be well? Why, because all the other times when you fucked a ghost the relationship worked out? Why aren’t you then married to a ghost then? I’ll tell you why Izzy, because you’re very needy and that’s a turn off to men both alive AND dead. You’ll always be alone.

RECAP #2: Stoltz V. McDreamy

Even though he’s a successful brain surgeon, McDreamy has to get the last laugh on serial killer Eric Stoltz, and perform a procedure on him that will allow to live, even though he’s scheduled to die 5 days later by lethal injection, all this happens while a totally innocent and by all accounts precocious, 9 year old boy, who needs organs, walks the fine line between life and death.

Meredith and Bailey are made to look like psycho rouges because of their suggestion to let Stoltz die, even though not only did he SAY he wanted to die, but his death would have then made it possible for said kid to live. McDreamy self-righteously belittles Bailey in an O.R.- asking her if he is a “surgeon or an executioner” as he pads his resume on a dude who the state will only kill 5 days later. He then fucks with Meredith’s already (very) fragile psyche by telling her it’s always good to save a life- even though, he fucked up 2 lives to save Smoltz, who again, was just gonna be killed in 5 days.

His inability to get the big picture forces the Chief, who let’s face it has let the hospital go to shit by hiring a bunch of sex addicts, strong arm some new widow for the organs of her brain dead husband. So, if you’re keeping track at home, and there’s no reason you should be- because McDreamy won’t play ball, he fucks up the dying kid, the new widow, and a person unknown who could have received much needed organs that end up eventually going to the dying kid.

On top of this, Meredith is guilted into going to Stoltz’ execution, and McDreamy a) let’s her go, then b) after her subsequent break-down dumps her in Yang’s apartment because he can’t put the pieces back together. This is a couple that should not be together and I say that as someone who introduced Jon Mark Carr to Jonbenet Ramsey (who knew?!)

I wouldn’t spend so much time on this if I hadn’t, while looking for a picture of Denny come across this at ABC.Com

Who crossed the line trying to save a 9 year-old kid?! Who crossed the line by doing everything they possibly could to keep the kid alive?! Who crossed the line by suggesting that perhaps a worthless piece of garbage serial killer might be of use to society by donating an organ to a little kid only at the beginning of his life? Yeah, I have a problem with McDreamy not being a choice on the list.

RECAP #3: Oh yeah, and McSteamy literally, breaks his dick.

Okay, so everyone is caught up now. Oh wait, Yang starts a relationship off with an alcoholic who clearly has PSTD from the Iraq war and there is a new, blond doctor who is vaguely lesbianish, who can’t seem to pull the trigger on hooking up with Callie O’Mally, who, by the way, would basically fuck a fern if she thought it would give her some attention.

Grey’s Anatomy is on ABC, Thursdays at 9!


Anonymous said...

Why did Izzy cut her hair? It looked better long. (Sorry, I don't watch the show--just noticing in the photo you posted)

Michael Rakestraw said...

Wow! I've thankfully never had to endure an entire episode of this horrible excuse for a show. So you have really helped to cement my possibly irrational hatred into a fully rationalized hatred. So thanks for that.

Anonymous said...


Asher Nagy said...

When House started hallucinating he realized he might have a problem but he used it to solve a medical mystery. After 'Amber' tried to kill Chase at his party, House realized he had to push her back down. He tried and failed but at least he immediately took action to the 'other' inside his fucking head. He even imagined having sexy nudie times (LIKE Izzy) with Lisa Cuddy but then he realized umm umm that HE WAS FUCKING INSANE (UNLIKE Izzy Fuck!) and checked himself into Mayfield. Why??! Cuz house is a fucking boss, you sexy miserable cunt fuck Izzy! Izzy who was fucking a ghost for six weeks and then telling Bailey she was having the best sex ever and people should be envious of her ghost sex? I would have pulled out my pimp hand and bitch slapped the fuck out of her. 'No bitch! You are going to Mayfeild with House and getting a dose of reality that would make Karev and Sloan piss his pants in fear. House rules! Grey's drools! Fuck you.

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