Friday, January 16, 2009

What Sucks…Geese

Phase 3 of the Geese V. Humans War kicked into high gear yesterday when a flock of geese took out the engine of a small plane, causing it to crash land in the Hudson River.

Phase 1 obviously being to eat something and then poop it out immediately, on a public grass of some sort, phase 2, being able to hiss like a goddamn cobra if you get too close to them in an effort to chase them away- if you’ve never experienced it, try it- then change your pantaloons.

Well, it’s been clear to me for some time now and it should be clear to all of you- animals want us dead. Now, if those a-holes would ever learn to work in conjunction, against us, they may have a chance.

Don’t worry, by me writing that, it’s not gonna give them any ideas because- they can’t read and they certainly can’t operate a computer and find this blog on some search for anything other than “Fluffer”.

F You geese!


Anonymous said...

hey speaking of Geese -can't wait to seeyour show on Spike.

Dude -- You should definitely have a porno episode on Mocap LLC.

With your nine inch pecker covered in those balls it would be amazing.

Mrs digibandit came up with that idea after that night with you in LA

Mike Licht said...

Captain Sullenberger charged with goose poaching!