Monday, January 26, 2009

What Sucks… Bernie Madoff Being Under “House Arrest”

How is this guy allowed to be under house arrest? He lives in a penthouse on 5th Avenue! What’s the punishment here? That Madoff wasn’t allowed to pick the house? Poor guy had his heart set on his Gulf Coast estate.

The whole point of arrest is punishment, isn’t it? Isn’t being arrested for stealing billions of dollars from people and ruining a shitload of lives supposed to lead to bad things? What’s with this judge? I heard if Madoff doesn’t clean up his act soon, he may not be allowed to watch his hi-def 72 inch TV anymore while ordering in from Nobu.

Unless this guy somehow lives with a bunch of dudes from the Latin Kings who feel they were recently crossed, I say this is serious bullshit. He should be worrying about getting shiv’d right now not whether or not he needs to upgrade his satellite TV deal because he’s gonna be spending a lot more time “around the house”.

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Bernie Madoff Victim Relative said...

I couldn't agree more.