Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Heidi And Spencer, Pirates, Triple Decker Sandwiches, Stuart Scott

…Heidi And Spencer

Married? Nice. The biggest douche merger since Massengill joined forces with Summer’s Eve. What did the priest say– “…if there’s anyone here who DOESN’T object let them speak now or forever hold their peace…” I wish I was invited just so I could be asked by an usher- “Douche-side or ‘tard-side”?

…Somali Pirates

Reason #3021 that Africa sucks, Pirates (PIRATES!) are still a major factor there. Seriously, the only reason that place isn’t being overrun by Vikings is because the commute from Norway is too long.

…Triple Deck Sandwiches

What’s the appeal of another piece of bread? Am I supposed to be impressed? You’re clearly padding your sandwich! Plus, now when I take a bite, the meat shoots all over the place!

…Stuart Scott

Worst Sportscenter guy ever? What the hell is he talking about? And by that I mean, whenever he talks. Dude, you’re making football highlight shows un-fun and you have worst catch phrases (“Must be jam, cause jelly doesn’t shake like that…”) than AYDS Diet Plan (Lose Weight, With Ayds!)


$$$$ said...

Are you kidding with the Triple Decker (or Club) Sandwiches?? The third slice of bread allows a whole extra layer of meat, cheese and gooey saucey goodness. It's 100% extra filling for only 50% extra bread, can you get any closer to the American Dream??

Anonymous said...

You can't have the meat without the extra bread? I think your being misled my friend. My question is, "Who profits, who profits from the extra pice of bread"? Think about it

ZenDenizen said...

Triple Decker Sandwiches definitely suck.