Monday, November 24, 2008

What Sucks…Grey’s Anatomy

A group of people conduct medical experiments on a living human- while she’s awake, in a cold, dark basement room, located next to a morgue. A woman fucks a ghost.

No, these are not the latest story lines from the next Frank Miller graphic novel, nor are they excerpts from the upcoming “Hostel 18” they are the “A” and “B” story-lines from last week’s Grey’s Anatomy (I don’t DVR it, the most important person in my life does- leave me alone!)

Used to be this show was about doctors having sex- now, it’s about doctors having bad sex that brings about the realization of nightmares- I knew producers wanted to go in a different direction this year, but what they say? “Ahem, yeah- let’s make this show more like ‘Lost’ as directed by an angry Tim Burton!”

In the past 8 months Izzy alone has slept with George (destroying his marriage), Alex (on the rebound from a psycho girlfriend) and a ghost, (her dead, ex-boyfriend, who she killed at the end of season one).

They’ve had the least hot lesbian affair in the history of TV with Callie O’Malley and Dr. Hahn- so un-sexy, by the way that they had to fire Dr. Hahn as an actress. Dr. Sloan (McSteamy) has morphed from a misogynist who F’d his best friend’s wife, to an “all-around” good guy who helps kids cope with their father’s night tremors. By the way, McDreamy has forgiven Sloan for F-ing his wife and ruining his marriage, but can’t seem to get over the fact that Meredith has roommates. Also, we sit upon the precipice of Yang starting a relationship with a guy who has PTSD- just you watch. Ugh! I know too much about this shit!

Black is white, right is wrong and up is down at Seattle Grace. Hey folks- we don't watch Grey's Anatomy because we want bad sex- even if you put it to a “hip”, “indie”, soundtrack. I can have bad sex on my own to the latest “Shins” album, thank you very much. We watch it because we want to see hot, GOOD sex- and because our wives are into the show. (Honestly, if it were up to me- I'd be watching PBS!)

Grey’s Anatomy is on ABC- Thursday’s at 9!


Anonymous said...

Greys is such a disappointment. Do you think I should switch to Private Practice?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Private Practice is 10 times better.

Grey's used to be good S1-S3, but towards the middle of S4 it totally went off the deep end.

I actually liken it to Michael Jackson. Both were good and extremely popular, but have fallen VERY far to the point where they will NEVER be able to recover and be what they once were.