Thursday, November 06, 2008

What Sucks…California’s Proposition 8

The next time someone starts telling you how crazy Scientology is and how much they suck, tell them you can’t take seriously anyone who discriminates against a people because of their religious beliefs- without first acknowledging, how F’d up Mormons are. Tell them they are clearly ignorant and let them know you won’t be audience to anyone who discriminates so indiscriminately.

Mormons, who by the way, wear special undies that are supposed to bring them “closer to god”, and who think the Garden of Eden is/ was in Missouri, have been the leading sponsor for Prop 8, the ballot initiative in California that seeks to ban, by constitutional amendment in the State’s constitution, gay marriage.

Mormons. Standing up for what they call “traditional” marriage. So it’s okay for them to have 8-9 wives, but Ellen can’t have any. Well, I guess it’s obvious why they need to marry so many people, clearly it’s to have someone to help carry around their gigantic balls.

Unfortunately, Mormons got this thing on the ballot, but the suckage doesn’t end there- a lot of people in California voted for it, which is also disturbing. Why do people have a problem with two homosexual people getting married? If these people want to be married and want to be just as miserable as everyone else, who are we to stop them?

Seriously, you people are so gung-ho to defend marriage- where were you when Larry King was tying the knot for the 7th time? Why do people have an issue with 2 adult women who want to get married? What, Jesus is the only guy not into Lesbians? Come on- let these people tie the knot- some of them have adopted kids- why must you make their kid think they’re weird because mom and mom (or dad and dad for that matter), can’t be officially recognized as a couple?

When Californian courts allowed gay marriage, the US became one of 6 countries to recognize the unions legally, the other 4 being the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, South Africa and of course, Homoguay. Let’s keep it that way and Mormons, stay out of people’s bedrooms, you wouldn’t want any of us going into your compounds, would you?


Anonymous said...

Ok, so not allowed to tell you how bad Scientology is, and than you go on to attack Mormons (rightly btw) because of their stance on homosexuality.

Apparantly you are not aware that not only did Scientology sponsor Proposition 8, but that their scriptures state that gays should be 'disposed of quietly and without sorrow'.

Google is your friend should you not take my word for it.

Anonymous said...

You reaaly don't mean that all Mormons suck, do you?

I presume you just mean those that sponsored Prop 8.

Otherwise you would include people like Donny and Marie , who don't suck becuse they are Mormons, but just suck anyway

deluca said...

sorry about that last anon comment folks, I don't know what I was thinking.

Anonymous said...

there are actually a lot of gay people who claim to be christians and mormons yet theyre lifestyle totally contradicts that.