Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Sucks...According To Jim

Sure, when I get behind on my blog (big blog announcement still coming!), I’ve been known to hit YouTube and fish up a clip of “According To Jim” to post in all it’s suck-glory™. And yeah, ATJ has never let’s me down, and yeah- its lazy to do that on my blog- and YEAH, the show’s pretty much not even on TV these days other that repeats in small, southern markets, but that does make it right for a man to teach his daughter math in the way that is depicted above!

Monkeys take more care and are better at expressing themselves than this guy and I know the show is supposed to illustrate the attempts of a “typical” male trying to do right by his family and out-of-his-league wife, but these kids should have been taken by child services a long time ago.

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squad546 said...

Is it bad I was hoping that dude was going to choke to death on the marshmallows? Then somehow Jim would suffer a massive heart attack and drop dead too?