Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Suckage Takes A Major Hit

Nice job America- and I mean America- not just the East and West coasts- your country was circling the crapper and you capped off 18 months of Presidential campaigning to vote, en masse, for a black dude with a Muslim name. What happened, bummed that Mullah Omar wasn’t running so you went with the next best thing?

Joking of course. Tuesday night represented an amazing thing that happens all to rarely in our country- our people voted and…dare I say- got it right? Actually, if you count David Cook’s triumph over David Archuetta, and Vince Cater not getting voted into the NBA All-Star game, it’s kind of happened 3 times in a row now- perhaps it’s the start of a new trend of us, maybe at this year’s “People’s Choice” Nickelback will go home empty-handed. Could it be, as a people we’re “Getting It”? Oh wait, their making a Sex and the City sequel- oh well- it was fun while it lasted.

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