Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Sucks…Private Practice

Look, I know I’m not exactly breaking new ground here and I definitely do not watch this show (I’ve thrown the wife under the buses for less) but holy shitballs does Private Practice suck.

It’s from the same people who do Grey’s Anatomy. So right there it’s like “from the makers piss…it’s shit!”

Take for example, the clip above. Go ahead, watch it- it’s only two minutes. Don’t want to? Perfectly reasonable. I wouldn’t. Here it is summed up…

Amy Brenneman plays a psychologist on the show- she’s a doctor. She went to medical school, highly respected in her firm, licensed- and in the above clip she delivers a tear filled monologue about her ass. I repeat- she’s crying hysterically about her ass. No she’s not a patient about to be sent away to a funny farm- she’s a DOCTOR! A SHRINK EVEN- and she’s crying about her own ass!

This is a scene that was a) written, b) directed and c) acted. No one along the way thought that maybe, you know, it was a little retarded? That perhaps, it was incredibly stupid? Everyone signed off on the ass crying scene?

9 million people watch this show each week- they’re all okay with it? I’ve seen more well-rounded female characters in the “Emmanuelle In Space” series, WTF, America?

Private Practice- also has various scenes where these doctor chicks get together and binge eat because their respective love interests don’t say hi to them every day. These are doctors- how does Private Practice think regular women react? How long before we see…


Addison enters, she passes her diploma from Johns Hopkins that hangs on the wall before seeing Dr. Naomi Bennett sitting on the couch, eating ice cream out of a carton.

Yeah, totally repaired that baby’s spleen.

Then why do you seem so down?

Argh! That stupid UPS man didn’t say hi to me.

Girlfriend, grab a spoon.

So let me get this straight Grey’s Anatomy/ Private Practice people- chicks can go to med school, become doctors but they’re still gonna be whores and sleep with every thing that moves (Grey’s Anatomy) or have existential crisis’s about their own asses?

Okay, I mean, I’m cool with that, just checking.

Private Practice is on Wednesday Nights at 9!


Mike Marsh said...

Wait, you mean that wasn't a parody of this type of show? It was an actual clip from a real show? What the hell?

Anonymous said...

Amen! This show has no substance or direction. Basically a bunch of has beens in high fashion sculpted in shots fronting an office space that would only plastic surgeons could afford to lease!!! Hate! HATE! This show!

Anonymous said...

Damn right... Been suffering through this car wreck of a show because the wife found it on Netflix... My lord, obviously written by a retarded coked up uneducated politician, almost every episode involves a woman shitting her pants on a airplane running out of fuel, and the pilots are dead, crashing into a orphanage that's on fire built above a Indian graveyard with hoards of zombies crawling out of the ground... I've sat through sibling screwing, "I'm my own grandpa" soap operas with better writing... Shame on you writers of pp, shame on you!