Monday, October 13, 2008

What Sucks…Blog Note

Sorry for the lack of posts last week, not sure if you knew this, but I just became a part-owner in a couple of banks and a huge insurance company, so I’ve been a little swamped. My bad.

I’ll try to cover last week in one post, let’s see…

What Sucks…The Entire World

Holy shit is the world circling the drain. What the hell is going on- economic meltdowns, war spilling into Pakistan, and Pirates, PIRATES!

Let’s be honest, right now the world is the leftover poop in the carcass of a three-week dead possum lying on the side of the road that takes you to Newark. These could very well be the end of days.

At home, people not only believe Barack Obama is a terrorist, they’re openly and aggressively admitting it on video, on multiple occasions. Here, one particular woman (like half way in) gives her name to the guy videotaping her.

Take a second to break this down - these people think and thusly hate Obama because they think he’s Muslim, which he is not- therefore they are wrong, factually. Add to that the concept of hating a person just because he is a Muslim, which makes them and wrong morally. Bottom line? This country can’t even produce good racists!

How do you fuck up being a racist? It’s simple- you see someone and you hate them. These people are a disgrace to all the racists out there who take the time to educate themselves on who to hate. It’s pathetic. They are a disgrace to racism. What the fuck is wrong with this country? Hey racists- get your shit together!

You think we’re coming out of this meltdown? We can’t even hate right!


ZenDenizen said...

Found you on HobokenNow and have been enjoying your blog...

jalbertbowdenii said...

I attended the Obama rally in Newport News, VA. While crowd schmoozing, I came across a heated discussion that eventually fell in my lap. When I merely pointed out that Barack had supported the Patriot Act, immediately I was a racist. I was there to support him. I stated a fact. It was ridiculous, sad and pathetic. So it works both ways. You know what sucks...the labels you put on people.

Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate that happened, but it doesn't take away from the fact that people are openly admitting to a camera that they feel BO is a muslim and a terrorist in the fashion that they are. Does it?