Friday, October 17, 2008

What Sucks Flash Poll: Congratulations “Privates”

Asked to identify a body part in which an unexplained itch would cause them the most concern, What Sucks readers overwhelmingly chose their “Privates” by a large margin. The real race was for 2nd place where “Ass” and “Inner Ear” seem to be battling it out to the finish.

Incidentally, “nose”, of the 56 votes cast so far, received none. A first for a What Sucks Flash Poll, where a category is completely shut out. I guess if you folks have an itchy nose, you could basically give a shit.

Congrats those who voted for “privates”, here’s hoping you have a good weekend and your continued vigilance against unwanted vag and ball itch pays off for you. And if your privates ARE currently itching, get yourself to a licensed- and he/ she should be licensed- physician.

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