Monday, September 08, 2008

What Sucks...Rent Closing!

The long running Broadway hit Rent closed its doors for good this weekend, after something like 5100 performances. G-d bless ‘em, but I could never get through that show. I’d get too caught up- I’m too practical for it.

I’d see these kids, running around the stage, singing about their problems; who’s strung out- how they can't pay their rent. I’d be in the balcony, yelling...

"Get a temp job! They're hiring down at Career Blazers!"

"All right now, you don't wanna share that needle! That's a bad idea!"

"The junkie in the blue pants should wear a condom!"

I feel bad. I ruined it for everyone. Got so bad that by intermission, this guy comes out and says "We regret to announce the second act of Rent will be canceled, due to a solution to our problems. Thanks a lot sir." Yeah, like I'm the bad guy. I'm the oppressor. Hey pal, I think you have me confused with your landlord!

All of a sudden I'm getting escorted out of the theater "Hey, HMO's aren't all bad! Stay away from credit cards- they screw you!"

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Ben said...

What REALLY sucks...the retiring of a classic DeLuca bit.