Friday, September 26, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: The Mets Bullpen, Sarah Palin, David Blaine, Grey’s Anatomy

…The Mets Bullpen

These guys have blown more leads than the cops investigating the Jon Benet case. Jerry Manuel must look forward to calling his ex-wife more than he does the friggin bullpen. You’d think that the fact that hitters in general, fail over 70 percent of the time would at least be worth a couple of saves to these losers.

NOTE: This joke is dedicated to the great sound man Josh at Manhattan Place Entertainment, he loves the Mets, and they are killing him.)

…Sarah Palin

Imagine how bad she would have done in these Katie Couric interviews if she DIDN’T have all those years of experience as a hockey mom. I’d write more but I’m heading up to Alaska with a torch and pitchfork.

…David Blaine

Lying in a hole in the ground
, standing on top of a pole, sitting on ice, hanging out in a box and now hanging upside down. These are only tricks if you get your cat to do them! The real magic will be finding a new mundane activity to try and pass off as a trick!

…Grey’s Anatomy

Kicking off the season with a 2 hour premiere? Come on, can’t you at least ease those of us who have to watch this show because of our wives into it a little easier? And what’s the mantra for this season, make everyone on the show LESS likable? If so, you’re off to a quick start!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me that the only reason Palin was chosen was because she sucked off Johnny boy good on a regular basis. That could be the only excuse I could accept for her being chosen as a running mate.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us anonymouses are as misogynistic as this guy.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your hat anonymous, I am a female. I am mortified that that in this mans world of politics, that this Palin was the only woman they could find. The only possible reason she was selected that I could see was that she gives good head. Do you think that someone who says"I don't really know what a vice president does" would be a good choice? She sucks. And hopefully in more than one way.

David Blane said...

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