Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Banks, The Yankees, The Media, Sarah Palin, Ralph Nader


If major investment banks were in Glengarry Glen Ross, they’d be pounding coffee and driving around in Cadillacs. Why, my friends? Because they are…closing. Commercial banks are right behind them by the way, not to panic or anything but WAMU’s current stock price is 2 bucks. Today I bought a large iced tea at Dunkin Donuts for $2.50. Large iced teas are more valuable than the stock of my bank.

…The Yankees

Passive aggressively firing their manager last year who got them to the playoffs for 13 straight years, because he wasn’t getting far enough in the playoffs only to be “clinging” to 3rd place this year with Sidney Ponson starting games in September. Nice job, doucheburgers.

…The Media

It takes the women of the View to get in McCain’s old face and ask him tough questions before the "media" grows a pair and does the same. How sad. Now if we can only get him on The Golden Girls, maybe we can find out how long he actually thinks we’ll be in Iraq.

…Sarah Palin

Not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is even though it’s the reason her son is going to Iraq + a 17 year old daughter getting knocked up does not equal "small town mom" it equals crappy parent. And 5 kids? Come on, is “Drill, baby, drill!” a call for more oil exploration or the motto of her husband. Hey dude, use a condom! Do we really want to put ourselves in a position where this country could have her as a President? I don't want to live out a real life "King Ralph".

…Ralph Nader

He’s on the ballot again all over the country and in Florida. At this point he’s beyond ruining his legacy as a crusader for consumer rights, he’s moving dangerously close to ruining his legacy as an just an ordinary A-hole.


Anonymous said...

What Sucks Suggestion: The Landmark 2007 Pact between N Korea and U.S. The U.S. didn't follow up with their end of agreement so N Korea is reinstating their nuclear facility. Thanks Bush! Dickhead!

Anonymous said...

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Steve K. said...

President Bush's overreaction to 9/11 may have helped doom the United States financially.
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First off, no one is down playing how horrible and shocking 9/11 was to the country. It truly was a time of grief and a huge wake up call to how porous our borders were and still are, but did the terrorist win in the long run.

If you're a terrorist organization in the the late 90's trying to figure out the best....

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