Monday, September 15, 2008

What Sucks…Happy Birthday To What Sucks

Happy 2nd anniversary to and thank all of you for joining in our, small, fun community.

I started this thing on an everyday basis on 9/11 2006, and now two years later, I still get to rail about how George W. Bush has allowed Osama Bin Laden to live to see all three Spiderman movies, 7 years after 9/11. (I understand people in the know say OBL is currently living on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, where he is busy “adding aps” to his iPhone.)

Anyway, in the past two years I’ve thrown up about 650 posts about things that suck and it would seem I haven’t even made a dent in the vast multitude of sucking. But we have gone from 3 or 4 readers to over a thousand for a little while, and now to about 550 or so a day pretty consistently- so thank you for that. Also, we’ve seen WhatSucksBlog go onto TV, on The Fuse’s late great show “The Sauce”, so thanks to visionary producer and all around cool dude, Joel S. (buy the movie he wrote). and everyone over at Fuse for that.

Mostly, thanks to everyone who pops by, or links me to their blog, or who leaves a comment that is not creepy. I appreciate it and take seriously the opportunity to tell you about things that suck.

What does the future hold? Well, it’s hard to say- there could be surprises, and a big announcement coming- also there could be interviews and perhaps some video- oh yeah, and I may actually set up a real website, instead of using Blogger for free, like a lazy ass.

650 posts, and the only thing people really seemed to disagree with me about was Queen’s Greatest Hits. (Got some nasty comments on that one.) Overall though, not too shabby a batting average.

So, to recap, thanks so much for stopping by, whether you come here everyday, or are just googling the term “Fluffer”- I hope you continue to stop by and join in fighting the good fight against suck.


Anonymous said...

Hey Duke,

I would just like to make a suggestion for this next year of What-sucks. As an avid reader of your blog, I often have my own theories on suckage that I would like to share with your readers, so if I may be so ballsy to ask: How about adding a section in once a month whereby your readers can make suggestions on things that suck? Kind of like a monthly suckage suggestions corner. Whatya say?

Kim said...

Happy birthday! You're one of the first places I go for obits. I hope that's a compliment.

tex martini said...

Keep up the good work. My workplace slacking off time would "suck" (see what I did there?) without your blog.

Darkly said...

Yay happy birthday!
I was lucky to find What Sucks back in the day in it's first month of publication, and I have been reading it on a near daily basis ever since. I have probably wasted countless hours here I should have spent doing things I was supposed to be doing so...... Thanks?

p.s. Dude in the header pic, abnormally large body or tiny head?

deluca said...

hey anon- (#1) consider it done- I'll throw something up re: a mailbag or something as soon as I get some time. For the rest of you, thanks for the kind words and private emails. Onward to year 3 of What Sucks...

Invisible Woman said...

Happy B-Day! Hope you are around for many, many more years :-)