Monday, August 11, 2008

What Sucks…The Phrase “Manny (Or Anyone Else For That Matter) Being Manny”

Can we all agree the phrase “Person A” being “Person A”, as used in “Manny being Manny”, or back in the days of Ricky Henderson, “Ricky Being Ricky”, or in just about any sports context, means the person “being” the person in question, is an asshole?

Why the code? Why the passive aggressive way of not calling someone out for being a dick? Especially in sports, where I’ve heard things screamed by fans that would make a Def Comedy Jam audience blush, are we using this weird way to describe someone being a douchenut? From now on, let’s just say he’s a douchenut.

Imagine a world where the next time TO calls out his QB, or Kobe doesn’t take a shot because he’s not the first option in a particular sequence, or when Manny doesn’t run out a ground ball, you hear, “Oh, that’s just a case of Manny, TO or Kobe being a huge douche.”

Much better, huh?

And by the way- if you’re a guy who’s been referred to as someone “being” someone, in a smaller setting- like an office or a summer house share, it’s not a colorful way to describe you. The phrase is never employed to describe something cool (Oh, she donated money to the poor, that’s just Mother Theresa being Mother Theresa…) it’s a pseudo-polite way to call you a dick.

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Anonymous said...

Sign me up, douchenut!