Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Sucks…Pakistan

Hey, nice country- we can install Crispin Glover as leader over there and improve on the stability. Way to move up in my “When The End Of The World Starts, It Starts From Here” pool. Vegas has you guys ranked #3 now, just below a nuclear Iran and Detroit!

Incidentally, here’s my latest rankings of “When The End Of The World Starts, It Starts From Here”, last week’s ranking is in the parenthesis.

1) Middle East: Israel Region (1)

2) Russia/ Georgia (8)

3) Pakistan (5)

4) Middle East: Iraq (2)

5) Middle East: Iran (3)

6) Middle East: Saudi Arabia (4)

7) China/ Russia Border (Unranked Last Week)

8) Russia/ Chechnya (7)

9) North Korea (6)

10) Detroit (10)

On the bubble: Ukraine, Eastern Europe in general, Haiti (voodoo shit can hit at any time), Russia/ Poland area (moving up fast), Chad (disease factor), Myanmar, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Syria, Turkey.


Aramael said...

Eastern Europe in general

That is so last century; Eastern Europe is Europe, there's no distinction anymore, except maybe Serbia, and we'll be sorting that one out Real Soon Now.

I think we should bring Georgia and Ukraine into NATO as soon as possible, and dare that prick in the Kremlin to do something about it.

Ben Stout said...

Dark horse: The France/Switzerland border

please note the optimism in the headline

Anonymous said...

My vote would be for a "President Palin" White House.